Culture exchange

As a cultural bridge between Shiga and Michigan, JCMU broadly organizes many cultural exchange programs. Through these programs, participants can discover cultural differences and similarities between both countries and, as a result, understand their culture more deeply. The role of JCMU in the community is obviously to create many chances for people of different cultural background to meet each other.

Home Stay

American students, who want to experience the Japanese family lifestyle, can join one of JCMU’s special features, the homestay program. Those who have participated develop deep friendships with their Japanese host families in a homestay. Students can easily see many aspects of Japanese culture and widen their perspectives and understandings. In addition, host families are located within one hour or less of commuting distance from JCMU.

Conversation Partner

As another feature of JCMU, students can take part in the Conversation Partner Program. The purposes of this program are to allow Japanese and American students mutually reinforce their own language skills, to deepen cultural understanding in an out of class setting and to strengthen intercultural friendship. In this way, the administrative office as a matchmaker is introducing Japanese/English program students to each other.


Other cultural exchange programs such as the Halloween Party, the Michigan Cup Speech Contest and open lectures make a contribution to globalization in the local community.
Our Newsletter also helps you to deepen global understanding and grasp the JCMU acitivities.

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